About Diamante

Diamante Jeans
Established in 1973, Diamante Jeans has been a pioneer in the fashion industry when it comes to quality apparel.
As a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler , the company has a superb line of clothes for women and children. In fact, its very own label "Diamante Jeans" has earned significant popularity in the industry. Our ultimate goal as an importer of jeans, is to bring the best quality and styled products to our customers who will be assured full satisfaction.
Our staff are fully trained designers and quality inspectors. Our shipments always go through rigorous quality control at receiving. As a manufacturer of jeans, we work hard to bring better designs and quality. We invest aggressively in designs and development of the products, and thus, have become quite well-known in the market as a company with the best designs.
Please do not hesitate to call, our sales representatives are always ready to assist you with all your inquiries and concerns. We believe in providing our regular customers with consistent production volume, quality control and the best and innovative designs. Our customers count on us to deliver, and we make certain to meet their expectations!